Yukimi Sasago Annand is a Southern California based calligrapher, lettering and book artist.

She was born and grew up on her parents’ flower farm in Japan. She studied communication design and worked for ten years as a graphic designer in Tokyo.  She worked mainly visual and corporate identity design programs. She left her position as a director in the prestigious Takenobu Igarashi Studio to come to the U.S. in 1990.

While working as freelance designer in Southern California she discovered the world of Western calligraphy, and has been fascinated by that world ever since. She has been teaching calligraphy since 2003 and finds the value in sharing ideas with students.

Her work has been frequently shown in Letter Arts Review and has exhibited in the US, Japan and Europe. Her work has also been chosen for several calligraphy collections. She is discovering her soul in letters and hoping to find her niche as a text artist who combines a love of nature and of letters.

Awards and Exhibits

2018 Washington Calligraphers Guild

         40th Anniversary Exhibit “Surrealism”

         North Bethesda, MD 

2017 International Calligraphy and Art Exhibit,

         Live Worms Gallery, San Fransisco, CA

         The International Exhibition of Calligraphy

         The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow


        Kaligrafist 2017 Küçükçekmece, Istanbul

2016 Art of The Written Word Exhibit, Holden Gallery, NC

         “The Wall” book chosen for permanent collection of

         The Richard Harrison Collection at San Francisco Library

2015 The International Exhibition of Calligraphy

         The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow

         Works chosen for permanent collection of

         The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow and

         The Richard Harrison Collection at San Francisco Library

2014 SFC Exhibit: Beyond the Words

         Painted Letter Exhibit in TX

2013 OCSFC Calligraphy Exhibit

         Enchanted Garden: Inspired Artists show

2012 SFC Exhibit: Letters: Expression of Culture


2011 Works chosen for permanent collection of

         Berlin Calligraphy Collection

         The Washington Calligraphers Guild:
         35th Anniversary Juried Exhibit

2010 SFC Exhibit: Expressions - Images from Our Pens

2009 Japan-Belgium Letter Arts Exhibit (Japan)

         OCSFC Calligraphy Exhibit

2008 Graceful Envelope Contest Best in Show

2007 International Calligraphy Exhibit: Responding to Our World

         Honorable Mention

         SFC Members Exhibit:

         More Than Words-The Art of Calligraphy

2006 RAND Corporation Calligraphy Exhibit:

2004 Cerritos College Student Art & Design Exhibition 2004

         Award of excellence

         SFC Exhibit: ABSea  People’s Choice Award


2018 Morphing Monograms

         by Barry Morentz and Marcia  Friedman

2017 Calligraphy by Barbara Calzolari and Alessandro Salice

2015, 16, 17 Letter Arts Review The annual juried issue

2015  Cloth Paper Scissors magazine March/April issue

2014  SCRIPSIT Volume36 

2013, 14 Letter Arts Review The annual juried issue

2013 Mastering Calligraphy by Gaye Godfrey - Nicholls

         Alphabet Volume 38, The Journal of the FOC

         Bound & Lettered Volume 10, Number 4

2012 Letter Arts Review 26:4 The greeting card issue

2011 Letter Arts Review 25:3 Cover Artist

         Calligraphy Book by Minako Sando

2007 Letter Arts Review 22:1 Responding to Our World issue

2006, 08, 09, 10, 12 Letter Arts Review The annual juried issue


2018  Yves Leterme  Trajan online course

          Peter Thornton Studying the work Adolf Bernd 

2017  Yves Leterme Watchful Experimenting

                                Pointed Brush

2016   Sheila Waters Master class

           Suzanne Moore Elucidare

            Amity Parks A Sharp Pencil and Keen Eye

2015   Harvest Crittenden Advanced Spencerian Script course

           Massimo Polello Small Space for Big Composition

           Margaret Morgan Free Range Writing


2014   Pamela Paulsrad "The Spontaneous Mark &

           Alternative Image"

2013 Cheerio: Thomas Ingmire In Search of New

2012  Cheerio: Christopher Haanes “Vitalize your hand”

           SFC workshop: Michael Clark“ The many face of the

           ruling pen”

           Calligraphy Northwest International Conference

           Pamela Paulsrad "The Spontaneous Mark &

           Alternative Image", "Life Lines"

2011  Writing 2011 Symposium

         Ann Hechle “Text and Collage”

          SFC conference. Letter California Style:

          Yves leterme: ”Gestural Writing”

          SFC workshop: Annie Cicale “ Monoline Magic”

          SFC workshop: Liesbet Boudens  “ Design and

          Interpretation for Extraordinary Letters”

          SFC workshop: Georgia Deaver “ Stylized  Writing”

2010 SFC conference. Letter California Style:

         Thomas Ingmire “Lettering as Drawing”

     SFC workshop: Louise Grunewald “ Good Hues”

     SFC workshop: Carl Rohrs “Pen Brush and Stiletto”

     SFC workshop: Laurie Doctor “The Poetry of Handwriting”

2009 Cheerio: John Stevens “Western Brush Writing”

         SFC workshop: Peter Thornton “ Casual & Inventive Cap”,

         Jean Formo “Desceprin & Delight the Foundational Hand”,

         Cherryl Moote “Chronicling the Days”

         OCSFC workshop: Yves Leterme “ Built-Up Capitals”

         SSI correspondence course: Jane Addison “ Roman Capitals”

     Monthly group meeting with Carrie Imai

2008 Reggie Ezell Year long course

         International conference, Letters Mingle Souls:

     Yves leterme: ”Gestural Writing”

         WSSFC workshop: Claude Mediavilla ”Classical Italic Hands”

         SFC workshop: Eliza Holliday “ Sculpted Surfaces”,

         Denis Brown “ Polyrhythmic Calligraphy”

2007 An International Calligraphy Intensive:

         Gottfried Pott “Intensive Training for Creative Calligraphy”

        SFC WS: Sharon Zeugin “The Journal is the Destination”

         SFC WS: Rosie Kelly “ Pastepaper Books & Calligraphy”

         Correspondence course: Gynor Goffe “Foundational Hand”

2006 Black & White Conference

         Thomas Ingmire “ Exploring the Drawn Capital Letter”

         SFC workshop: Denis Brown “Get Rhythm”

         RAND calligraphy & book arts club workshop:

         Denis Brown “Celtic Hybrid Script”

         Julian Waters “ Roman Capital”      

         SFC workshop: Carl Rohrs Brush Writing

         OCSFC workshop: Martin Jackson

        “The Six Techniques for Calligrapher”

         WSSFC workshop: Linda Hirsh “Flourishing”

     WSSFC workshop: Barbra Close “Pointed Pen Magic”

2005 Cheerio: Brody Neuenschwander “Developing Meaning”

         SFC workshop: Sheila Waters “Italic variations”

         SFC workshop: Connie Furgason

         “Letter lines and Watercolors”

         WSSFC workshop: Nancy Ouchida “ Legende”

2004 International calligraphy conference,Confluence:

         Julian Waters “Formal Italic”,”Roman Textures”

         SFC workshop: Kitty Maryatt book binding

         WSSFC workshop: Nancy Ouchida ”Our Journey”

         Weekly class: Lisa Engelbrecht

2003 Correspondence course:

         Thomas Ingmire “Traditional  Versals”               

         SFC workshop: Timothy Botts “ Word Pictures”

         SFC workshop: Nancy CulmoneColor Pencil Calligraphy”

         Weekly class: DeAnn Singh

2000-2002 Weekly class: Elie Corrick



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