“Opportunities to write letters by hand have been decreasing. If you can experience the pleasure of writing letters by hand and drawing beautiful letters, it would be my pleasure.”

When I was asked to teach Calligraphy, I could write only Italic Hand - Chancery Cursive. Since then I’ve been taking classes and correspondence courses, attending workshops and conferences to deepen my knowledge of Calligraphy. I am enchanted by the Roman Alphabet letterforms and creating artwork with them. And I am having a wonderful experience with warm people in the world of calligraphy. I share all my experience with my students and help them to reach their personal goals.

In a class term (8 to 10 lessons), one letterform is studied in depth. The lessons include the technique of the design, layout, and the background. Works of framed art or manuscript books are created for the final projects.  We also enjoy creating greeting cards for any occasion.

I will guide the usage of the tools and materials for beginners. The creation of an original letter style is presented for advanced students.

Available for individuals and small groups.

Please feel free to ask any questions

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